Named after the town Jon Bristol grew up in, Elmwood Productions is a small but very mighty film productions company based in Connecticut.

Elmwood began to take shape in the early part of this decade.  Over the years, under the guidance of Jon,  Elmwood Productions has turned from an idea into reality.  Bringing in many talented people that have become invaluable to Elmwood Productions with their dedication and trust in the vision Jon started with.

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Jon Bristol

The Founder and Creative Director here at Elmwood Productions.  Jon started Elmwood to entertain himself, and he was lucky enough to not only surround himself with amazing people with the same passion but to also manage to turn Elmwood into something bigger.  On the rare chance he's not working on a project he's relaxing with his wife, Brie, and their two cats.

Rick Corbo

Rick lives in the sun drenched hills of Torrington, CT with his wife Terry now that his kids, Nick and Nina have left the nest. Rick dreams of writing The Godfather of Puppet Horror films and one day owning a Batmobile. Until then he is honored to be the "Old Guy" in this great group of individuals known as Elmwood Productions.

Paul De Nio

The man does it all...  Pizza connoisseur and all-around good dude.  Puppeteer, brand management, writing, and media... 


Gabe Finkenstein

Gabe (a loving husband and father) is a Connecticut native who has been with Elmwood for many years. Graduating from Pair College of Art in 2006 majoring in Illustration he has worked doing design, restoration and fabrication in a multitude of mediums. Throughout his time with Elmwood he has used his unique artistic talents to add to the complex creative workings of its endeavors.

Mike Finland

A lifelong puppet and Muppet freak Mike joined Elmwood Productions on a very cold weekend in January 2012.  Soon after he took on the lead role of "Ripper" in "Animal Behavior" and as they say, "the rest is history"...

He loves his lady, drinking tea, and Guinness, and has had a few pizza eating challenges with Jon.  Always ending in a tie.

Nicki LaPorte

Nicki is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a double major in Educational Theatre and U.S. History. Nicki has been teaching theater and directing/acting/puppeteering professionally since January 2011 throughout Hartford county. In 2016 she traveled to the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank of Occupied Palestine (with her patient husband's blessing) to help run a summer theater camp.

Peter Lucco

Peter has been with Elmwood since it's earliest days.  Puppetry, writing, producing, and maintaining the website are just a few of the things he does.  Married, and the father of triplets, so needless to say, he loves his coffee.

Rick Passmore

Rick is not a native to CT; he's an Ohio transplant, and proud of it. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Cinema Studies from the University of Toledo. Rick joined Elmwood since 2012, and speaks all the tech and production jargon for the group.

Keith Paul

Keith has over 25 years of experience as an Actor, Director, and Producer working with Artists, Theatres and Vendors of all kinds throughout New England. Over the past 6 years he has served as Artistic Director for his own company, The Desultory Theatre Club. Keith is a lover of music, theatrical anarchy and good cupcakes. And bourbon.

Alex Sims

Russ Werlebird

Russ has been with Elmwood since nearly the beginning.  A puppeteer, writer, cinematographer, director, actor, musician husband, and most recently a dad. 

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